Do you still own clothing from the 70s and 80s? Do you listen to music from this decade or are you like me and stick to what you grew up with? Do you have meds in your cabinet from the last decade? Well, you’re not alone. To my wife’s dismay, I still wear some clothing that I owned in the eighties.

Holding on to the past is not the best idea when it comes to your investment portfolio. I know, you have always heard that buy and hold is a good strategy. Sometimes that holds true. But not if it’s buy and ignore or buy and forget. The best strategy is to buy and diligently watch and adjust. The problem is that most folks just don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge of markets or underlying positions. Another problem is that many folks have their entire retirement in their 401(k) at work. They “chose” the mutual funds when they started the 401(k) and never made a change. As we get closer to retirement or if we are in retirement, it is imperative that we make some adjustments. It’s time to get more conservative. It’s time to really watch what’s going on. We’re at a stage in life where we can’t afford to lose money. This is a time in life where we need a predictable income and a degree of certainty.


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