Wow! August went out with a bang (and a few booms!) Monsoon storms and rainfall in Arizona were at levels we haven’t seen in years! Our “wet” season officially starts June 15th and ends September 30th. Flooding and rainfall have been record-setting in 2022. The rest of the country is seeing rain and flooding not seen in years too.

While September in Arizona can still be a hot month, it’s usually when the night temperatures start to drop. It’s not uncommon to be in the 100s during the day and drop to the 70s at night. Some days can experience a 30-to-40-degree swing!

For many parts around the USA, September is the month for leaves to start changing. Lovely Sunday drives to witness nature’s color in all its glory is another favorite activity this time of year.

And for all the sports-minded folk, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? College football has become increasingly popular versus professional sports as there doesn’t seem to be as much political nonsense with college football. So, root on with your favorite team! If baseball is your thing… it’s time for the playoffs!

Hopefully, with kids returning to school, parents and even grandparents are getting a bit of a break in their daily schedules.

Oh, and it’s only 16 weeks until Christmas!!! So enjoy your fall!!