Melody had always been in good health and took only a few generic prescription medications, which were only a few dollars or even free on the drug plan she had for several years since enrolling in Medicare.

However, in mid-year 2021 she developed several medical issues that resulted in her taking more medications. Unfortunately, a few of these new medications had extremely high co-pays and even triggered the deductible on her plan. “There’s got to be a better plan for me,” she thought.

While checking her email the next day, she saw her annual email from American Retirement Advisors requesting her new current updated drug list. “Wow,” she thought, “Talk about good timing.”

The email was simple but important. It was a reminder of the Annual Election Period (AEP) that runs from Oct. 15th through Dec. 7th. It also asked her to provide a list of her current prescriptions so that we can complete the research on all the Part D drug plans available for next year and recommend the most appropriate plan for her.

She immediately got all her prescription bottles to complete the “Request for Information form” included in the email. She needed to provide the name of each drug, the strength of each medication, and how often she takes it. Once, twice or three times a day? After completing the form, she would send us her responses by hitting the “submit” button.

Towards the middle of October 2021, she received a recommendation and was pleasantly surprised at how much she would save in the new year. She didn’t realize that drug plans change every year! So now you are reminded too!

So, whether you have a Medicare Part D stand-alone drug plan, or your Part D drug plan is included in your Medicare Advantage plan, be sure to respond to the email that will be arriving soon!