Sweetheart of a Deal!- 2019

It’s February, and anyone with a pulse can’t miss all the Valentine advertising going on in retail stores. Sweetheart deals abound at flower shops, dinner dates at restaurants offering 2-for-1 romantic dinners, and don’t forget a card! Cupid is in full...

I Lost My Doctor- 2019

Phil called our office in a panic. He had chosen a Medicare Advantage Plan four years ago and was very happy with his plan. He had contacted his primary care physician in October and asked the staff if his doctor was going to be on the same Advantage plan...

What did you say?- 2019

As the other David and I work together on many projects at the office, we sometimes have a moment where one of us will invoke a colloquialism that the other David has never heard of. Sometimes this makes for some humor, and other times it causes plain old...

Up, Down, Open, Closed- 2019

It's a shame the government had to be closed for so long. Federal employees will feel the sting for a long time to come. It’s one thing to have a career with an unbelievable set of benefits, including low-cost, high-quality healthcare plans, tax-deferred...

Stay or Go? January 2019

Erma was turning 65, was going to continue to work, and had medical coverage through her employer. She was concerned about all the penalty discussions that she was warned about by her friends and co-workers. Even her HR… [Click link to read more]




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