Remember the old days. Three TV networks. The local paper and maybe the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. That was it. You called a local business and folks answered the phones in three rings. A soda fountain in the local Woolworths or corner store was a thing.

Ah the good ole days.

I remember good old-fashioned customer service where folks knew your name. When was the last time you walked into your local bank and the person who helped you last time was still there?

I have good news for you.

There is a little retirement planning company with a few offices here and there that understand what service to the customer looks and feels like. Where you are greeted with a friendly smile when you enter. You may even find your name in lights in the lobby. A kind person offers you a warm or cold beverage. They happily help you whether you are meeting someone or dropping off something.

Yes, I guess I’m talking about us. American Retirement Advisors and all of our companies. I guess you folks recognized our dedication as well. In Arizona we have been voted by the public through the Arizona Republic and as The BEST of the BEST for Medicare Planning and Financial Planning. Do you realize how many companies are in our business? On the planning side, Edward Jones, JP Morgan, Raymond James, were all nominated, but our little firm won not just once but four times. As for the Medicare planning side, we actually don’t have any competitors. We are the only Medicare Fiduciaries and Certified Medicare Planners®. All other players in Medicare are either the insurance companies, agents who work for the insurance companies, or brokers. We built our company to help folks get the most out of what they have. Eliminate sales
gimmicks and provide the most value possible.

It has certainly paid off for our clients all over this great country of ours.

Thank you for being a fan!