I don’t know where you are… but here in Arizona, we are dealing with some of the hottest summer heat on record. Our local
power company just recorded the largest power draw on their system in history… now that’s hot!

Guess all of our air conditioners are running at full power here in the valley, I know mine is! When I do venture outside I have these reminders running through my mind:

Drink plenty of fluids! You need to stay hydrated.

Put on a hat! (If you didn’t know I am bald as it gets!) Now is not the time to get careless! Sunburn hurts!

How is your aloe vera supply?

The heat isn’t all bad though. It give us a chance to go explore new places we wouldn’t otherwise had a reason to go visit. Like a day trip for a picnic up to the mountains or rim country,

Payson, is beautiful this time of year… It’s not just the heat we’re still dealing with, but also a late monsoon rain could appear.

If hiking, stay out of dry creek beds and caverns as it could be raining miles away but the flash flood could affect you!

Make the best of these next few weeks and get the kids and grandkids out on a few extra outings as it’s almost time for school to start!

Stay safe and hold on for another month or two before we start getting cooler temperatures.

Until next month…