Hi all! So, if you’re a regular reader of my articles, you know that I was going to talk about home equity lines of credit (specifically, reverse mortgages) this month. Well, we thought it best to hold that one over until next month. Today, let’s discuss how you can safely recover your portfolio. I’m mostly talking to those of you that are not yet utilizing our own in-house retirement income planning team. The reason is that our clients most likely have around half of their portfolio in products that are fully insured and are completely protected from market volatility.

Now, for those of you that still have your assets in Mutual Funds inside of your 401(k)s and folks that are still using a retail broker who’s shooting for the stars, I’m sorry. You most likely saw a sharp decline of your entire nest egg over the last few weeks. It’s horrible. But we’ve been here before. Granted, it’s easier to stomach when you have time on your side and aren’t relying on your assets for current retirement income.

So, what should you do now? Wait for the market to bounce? Sell everything and try to time the market? Just put what’s left under your mattress? These are all choices that some will make. Everyone’s decisions should be tied to their individual needs. There is only one right answer and that is to NOT PANIC! If you are reading this, you are most likely nearing or already retired. You should consult with a Financial Advisor that specializes in Retirement Income Planning for seniors. We understand that safety is key. Did our clients come out unscathed? I wish. But because we specialize in working with folks that need safety, our clients fared much better than most and are positioned to recover.

Our rule is that a large portion of assets should be out of harm’s way and your principle and retirement income are guaranteed, while still having access to principle. Keep fees at zero or as low as possible. I can’t make a blanket statement as to what to do now because everyone’s needs are different. It may make sense to look at all of your options!


Warmest fist or elbow bump. Be safe, be healthy