OK hopefully spring has sprung and we’re getting ready for summer! The kids have been home-schooling for a few weeks and Mom and Dad still might be working from home? Some of us haven’t had this much together time in …. years? What you are doing, and who you are doing it with makes you …. you!

Are you are making the best of it? Lots of time to bring back old-style entertainment. By now you’ve watched all the movies, you’re sick of TV programs (especially if you binge-watched every season of Game of Thrones). So, …. how about those old board games, card games, home improvement projects, etc. Are you becoming a better cook? What have you been doing with your time?

I have found my challenges by doing my work via video chats, hyperlinks, and other new-fangled modes of communication that’s allowing me to grow with my education with computers and various new software programs. Now, it’s not that we weren’t doing these things in the past, it’s just that I never spent my entire day talking to people via the camera on my computer. It also makes me think that many of us that weren’t working from home, could work from home.
I still prefer meeting with folks face-to-face in person and want to get back to that ASAP. But I now know that it isn’t entirely necessary for me to be in the same room with folks to be able to assist them with their education and decisions about Medicare, Social Security, and Retirement planning.

We wish that every aspect of our lives will get back to something more comfortable and is more like our previous lifestyle before this virus event. But at the same time, we have made strides of what working together, and relying on alternative methods, has gained us the knowledge and confidence that we can and will persevere.