When we think about the best years of our lives, many of us wonder, have I already had them, are they happening right now, or will they be the best in my future? Past, Present, or future? What were you doing? Who was there with you? What you think or feel about this makes you….you!

How you think about your best years (and they may not have happened yet) might bring nostalgic thoughts about your youth or, maybe, it was that great job you had for several years. Was it when the kids were being born and raised? Perhaps your service in the military? Or during years at college or university?

What made those years so wonderful? Was it your youth, a travel experience? And, if you haven’t had ‘the best years of your life’ yet, what are you waiting for?

Maybe you are looking forward to retirement when you can finally travel and do what you want? I’ve often witnessed people having reactions and expressing themselves about this very thing. At a recent class reunion, the star quarterback remarked he felt that during senior year in high school, where he guided his team to the state championship, was the best thing that ever happened to him. Another person was excited that his son was finally able to take over the family business so that he could finally retire and enjoy his new “best years.”

As we age, there are moments when we increasingly start to worry about our “Golden Years,” and will they really be our best? Health is at the top of the worry list, followed closely by money worries as we ask ourselves, “Do I have enough”? Famous actress Helen Hayes had this to say about the best years. “The hardest years were between age 10 and 70.” And Paul Meyer, upon reaching age 70, pro- claimed, “Life begins at 70!” Upon thinking about their best years, many folks feel great later in life because, now that they are older, they have accomplished what they set out to in their life and can start to relax without so much worry and stress.

Are you still waiting to create your best years, or can you already name them and what made them so great? Who was with you? Where were you? Because whatever you think…it makes you…you!