That phrase came from my kids’ taekwondo instructors. I like it. The instructor would say to the student, “How are you doing today?” The student would
respond, “SUPER GOOD AND GETTING BETTER, SIR or MA’AM.” I think that response puts you in a reasonable and receptive frame of mind to absorb information. The instructors incorporated body, mind, and soul stuff into their instruction. Do good, help others, and alike.

WOW! We sure could use some more of that these days. If you watch TV, read the paper, or listen to the radio, it seems like the world is a mess. Worse, many are pushing an agenda that the USA is in terrible disarray. Kinda weird since we are the greatest country on the planet. In my opinion, we help more folks in our own country than in any other nation. We are more open-minded in our laws. We are more charitable. We are more forgiving. Yet, many folks in our country think otherwise. Why? Perhaps they have lost their way. Perhaps they should visit another country. Maybe one nearby. Perhaps a visit to Yuma and across the border to Algodones. A quick look and comparison of everyday citizens’ conditions are different from what we would consider ‘normal’.

Society benefits from working together. We as humans seem to need a unified goal – a task. We need to create a sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves- for sustainability. From a past geopolitical importance perspective, we had Russia and the cold war. Then, more recently, Iran and Iraq, and Afghanistan. We have had years of relative calm in the United States. Good times economically. Safe streets (until most recently). Have things changed? Have we changed?

If someone asks me in passing, “How ya doing?”

Regardless of the climate outside, I’ll tell ’em, “SUPER GOOD AND GETTING BETTER.” Because I love our country, the opportunities it offers, and the goodness we offer everyone on our planet.