“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” That’s what folks have said to make us feel better when we’re overwhelmed. I have heard it too, and I get it. But in talking to Nancy, who runs our financial department, she says SHE is ALL about the small stuff. That is a true statement because she is responsible for folks who manage our client’s
life-long savings. The details always count!

For you and me, the ‘big picture’ items should be what we reflect on daily. Things like our family, our health, and our wealth’s health might be at the top of our minds and deserve more frequent check-ins.

The family check-in:

The Youngers… How are your kids, the grands, and the great grands? Have you shared a “Hello” with extended family this week? If they watch the news (I mean… broadcast opinions and entertainment with a bias based on some event, not actually news…), they could be a little freaked out about the conflict in Europe. So a calming call just to say you were thinking about them is always welcome.

The Olders… They may need a little more attention. Different attention. Perhaps a call every couple of days. Depression is a big deal with olders. Sometimes, they catch the lonesome bug when they lose friends and don’t make new ones. Even worse, if they shelter in place because they watch the same television broadcasts every day or health fears keep them isolated. I think it’s up to us to reach out. Not the other way around. Just a quick call to let them know you care makes all the difference in the world.

Health checks:
As for health, Oh my. Health is a tough one. Our diet in America defies guidelines and standards. We have for generations eaten stuff we know we shouldn’t and conditioned our taste buds to crave the wrong things. But you can conquer those cravings with conscious efforts My wife has made considerable conscious changes since the beginning of the year by eating healthy and it shows! She looks amazing. (Yes, I told her so.) I am glad she is cooking healthy, so I can keep a check on my health too. She makes dinner, and I wash the dishes. I’m still hitting the gym in the morning before work. Tip: Nothing like a trainer you gotta pay (whether you show up or not) to keep you exercising.

As for the wealth, we let Nancy and her team take care of that. They love the details. Which just makes one less thing for you and me to worry about.