Sharon and Greg called to tell us that they were moving and provide us with their new home address. Our Client Care staff member quickly pointed out that they also needed to notify Social Security and Medicare of their new address and provided them the contact information to make the changes. Our clients were also made aware that since they were changing counties, they would lose their current Medicare Advantage Plan.

“But we love our Medicare Advantage plan,” Greg exclaimed. So, Client Care scheduled an appointment for them to explore all the available options for plans in their new county with me.

I was delighted to meet with Sharon and Greg, who quickly repeated their desire to keep their current plan if possible. Unfortunately, Medicare Advantage plans are geographically sensitive, and a plan available in one county does not mean it will be available in another county. Though they were disappointed to hear that, we continued to review what was available in their new location and specific to their needs.

While Maricopa County currently has over 60 Medicare Advantage plans available to pick from, their new county was in a more rural area, and only 16 plans were available in Arizona.

I let them know they can always switch back to a Medicare Medigap and a Part D drug plan to use any doctor anywhere. Still, they insisted that they wanted a plan with the $0 monthly premium that was all inclusive like their current Medicare Advantage plan. “We also still want a plan that will include dental and vision,” Sharon was quick to add.

After a thorough review of all available plans, we were pleased to find a plan that had almost the same benefits as their current plan!
“What a relief!” Sharon stated. “Doing this preventative research was great!” “Yeah, we thought we could just move and keep our current plan. We had no idea we would have to switch,” added Greg. “As usual, you guys made this so easy,” included Sharon.

As I hear this several times a day, there’s an easy retort! “Making things 123Easy is what we do!”