Do you remember the first time you fell in love with music? How old were you, where were you, who was with you, and what was the type or title of the music? Because whatever it was, it made you…you!
As you think back, it could have been a simple nursery song, or maybe you were in church and had a favorite hymn? Did your parents take you to the opera or symphony? Maybe you just had a favorite radio station and listened to the top 40 all day long. Or you spent your Saturday afternoon at your friend’s house playing 45s on the record player.
I’m always amazed that some folks are vehemently opposed to certain types of music. I have friends who wouldn’t be caught dead listening to country and western music, while other friends think RAP is not music!
While growing up, my brothers and I were exposed to all types of music either through church or school. We were both active in our church choir (gospel), and throughout our school years, we were exposed to secular music and symphonies, and even participated in school bands.
My interest in music continued with a music scholarship at university, where I studied classical and opera. Then after graduation, I worked for Six Flags in Show Operations and performed in Six Flags’ live Broadway review-type shows. At this point, you could say I’m a pretty well-rounded music lover! My friends are always somewhat amused that there are preset buttons on my car radio, ready to play just about anything when they ride with me. Classical, country, gospel, and rock & roll. But no…I’m not a fan of rap music. Broadway music is probably my favorite music genre, and my favorite opera, “Tales of Hoffman” outshines.
So, thinking back, who or what event introduced you to music? When, where, and what type was your first love? Because your love of music makes you…you!