Wow. Last month I called the virus issue a Pandemic, two weeks before the government did, hoping this month to print a retraction. This month seems just eerie, surreal, not how things are supposed to be.

I started prepping the house for supplies in October last year and early February this year. I hope you are all stocked as well. With nationwide meat processors closing, buying local makes sense if you can find an old-fashioned butcher shop. Good news, local farms are delivering daily to grocers that do not warehouse their produce.

Happy story! I eat breakfast at the same deli (JJ’s) nearly every morning. Now its pickup only. They know me by name. But one day in early April, the week we were supposed to be in Jamaica, I stopped in wearing shorts, sunglasses, and a mask. They had no idea who I was. Kind of weird, right! I always wear a suit and ties and braces. After they decided I was really me, we got to jabbering and I mentioned that a BBQ place in Cave Creek, AZ, was selling supplies to support the community and make some extra money. I stated, you guys can order a case of toilet paper and sell it to me. The owner said yes, no problem, sharing he ordered for the deli on Sunday, and its delivered Monday. I said great, a case please. As I’m walking out to the car with my breakfast and a brown-bag lunch, the manager runs out with a giant box of 96 rolls of TP. I was so happy, because I know folks are running low and the stores have been out for a while. I was excited to bonus employees with rolls of TP to put their minds at ease. Then they said, “It’s on us.” Huh? The owner said gratis, my money was no good, take it, thanks for being a good customer and always taking care of the staff with Xmas in July and October. Good Karma seems to be in the air!

American Retirement Advisors is deemed by the State and Federal Governments as an essential service. We are open, servicing folks nationwide, just as busy as normal. But it’s a little different. Using video chat services, we are certainly helping everyone with Medicare, Long-Term Care, and Retirement Income Planning, but it feels a little different. A little disconnected. Folks are different, too; more appreciative, I think. Maybe it’s just me.

Please wear your masks in public, don’t go to the grocery store just because it’s the only place open. It may be the stores will soon transition to ‘pick up only’ in many parts of the country. Use soap after touching stuff.

We care about you; we are here for you. Be safe. Stay home. Stay healthy!