Each summer, we can’t wait for vacation times and three wonderful annual celebrations: Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July! Picnics, BBQ, lots of other food, fun, and fireworks!

What are the traditions at your house? I have memories of growing up and celebrating while spending the day at the lake waterskiing, camping out, river rafting, Pitching horseshoes, and games of all types including sack races and bobbing for apples. There were ice-cold watermelons and even hand-cranked homemade ice cream! Did you ever have to take your turn cranking the handle?

Communities these days have huge parades and fireworks displays for the 4th of July. Philadelphia was the first city to celebrate the new holiday with bonfires, the ringing of bells, and the lighting of illuminations. In Boston, we have the annual performance of the Boston Pops, followed by an incredible fireworks display. according to the American Pyrotechnics Association, nearly 25 million pounds of fireworks are used every year for this holiday.

And who can forget the “Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating contest held at Coney Island each year. Bristol, Rhode Island, has the record for the oldest,
continually held 4th of July parade. *Wherever you are, we’re sure there is a special event for you and your family somewhere. So, celebrate and enjoy our 244th anniversary with your quest for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness !!