It’s a new year, and I’m feeling pretty darn good. I made it another month without watching the news on TV, and I gave up news radio as well. I must tell you it is refreshing. I even didn’t bring my phone to dinner with my wife Saturday night. Ok, I forgot it, but I survived.

I’m not sticking my head in the sand by any means. I’m just looking for digestible information from reliable sources without an agenda. We’ve talked about the folks on TV pushing bias…or just don’t know it. My job is to cut through the chatter to provide direction. Although, I must tell you it is getting difficult to see through the forest.
It’s really not news anymore that the markets are as volatile as ever, then there’s inflation and chatter about Russia bad, America good, and Ukraine caught in the middle. I know I am way oversimplifying. But that chatter creates views for TV and conversations for everyone who watches.

What’s the solution? In my mind, it is simple. Making sure important tasks are covered creates peace of mind.

Put everything you need or want to accomplish on paper (or your phone) and begin to get those tasks completed. What am I talking about? When was your last physical at the doctor’s office? Many of our clients report staying home, not socializing, and avoiding doctor visits. Do you have at least 90 days of essential medications stored in a cool, dry spot? (Six months’ supply, not three months). Because some drugs are in shorter than normal supply. Have you shopped for auto insurance lately? I saved over $3,000 per year by shopping three years ago. Remember, brands are marketing, not assurances of quality. (Not anymore, at least). Have you checked your windows and screens? (As well as sunscreens for us in the west) How is the garage door? How is the microwave, printer, computer, washer and dryer, fridge? Even building supplies are feeling the pinch. Have you put off some home maintenance? Prices are going up; you may wait weeks or months for something that used to be on the shelves. So, get your house in order too – for peace of mind.

As for the world, everyone looks at us… the USA. Our economy is actually doing ok. Folks are getting back to work. Services are slowly returning to normal. Restaurants are full. New car lots are still empty… but mechanics are super busy keeping our older cars in top shape. Supplies for most auto parts are flowing, albeit slowly. Tires, wiper blades, and batteries are available, but the costs are WAY up.
Change is still our only constant.

Stay optimistic. I’m optimistic. I have a new Lil’ Schaeffer to watch grow up. That adds to my optimism! My family is healthy. I’m down 10 pounds from this time last year. Life is good!