I started our company over 20 years ago out of the trunk of my car, and I drove the tires off that car every six months. Yes, I did house calls back in the early days and could only help five or six folks… on a good day. We struggled! There were days where the costs of marketing and my only employee exceeded my commissions. But I knew people needed my help, so the challenges only drove me to keep going.

I strived above all to provide excellent services and add value to every person that was kind enough to let me help. I lead on that very premise to this day. You see, I regard it as a privilege to aid others and solve their challenges. A privilege I am grateful for.

I knew it would take time to grow the business when I first started, but I never asked for a handout or relied on others to pay my way. I just didn’t. I was raised to be self-reliant.

Our little company grew as we added people with great talents. Then, as we added more clients and employees, we grew even faster. Our growth landed us on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing privately held companies three years in a row!

So what’s my point? I hear conversations and see on the news folks complaining about a lack of opportunities or the wrong jobs, comments about entitlement, frustration at low wages. Here? Now? While there are signs ‘looking to hire’ nearly everywhere you look?

I was a Cub Scout and later a Scout Leader as an adult. The Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” That made sense to me. It meant owning your moment, taking responsibility, doing the right thing at the right moment, being ready to do your duty. It still makes sense to me. In business, successful teams solve problems and do the right thing. Our team provides solutions as a unit. We know just about every challenge a client will encounter. Folks are struggling with something and need a solution when we first meet with them. They come to us because we are prepared and want to help. And it continues to be our privilege to help.

I still believe this is a place of opportunity. Where else on our little planet can you start from meager beginnings and grow into the company servicing thousands upon thousands of nice people in just about every state in our country? The Land of the Free. There is so much to be grateful for here. That’s just my 2 cents.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and THANK YOU for the privilege of allowing us to contribute something positive to your life … even if in some small way.