Have you had a hero in your life? What, or why, was the reason they were your Hero? Was it a friend, relative, neighbor? Because whatever the situation or whoever the person was, it made you….you.

As we meet with clients, we often hear their life stories as they share personal issues or events.

We often hear of an outstanding teacher or coach. Other times it was a particular boss at their job that made a positive impact on their life. But the main point is a person in your life might have put you on the path that made you what you are today. And it’s not always a family or friend that provides a meaningful impact.

I recently had the privilege of meeting not one but three 90-year-old Veterans. They were kind enough to engage me in their experiences from WWII. It was like opening a history book. One of them had landed in England, was part of the invasion on D-Day, and fought in the European theater for the rest of the war. When I thanked him for his service and told him he was my Hero of the day, he simply stated, “No, David, all the heroes are still over there.” He was 18 when he shipped out and survived the war without a scratch. So veterans are absolute heroes to me.

Find and thank the folks who are your heroes because they are the ones who made you…you!