Here in AZ, we’ve already had our fill of 100-degree days by now, so it’s just a waiting game for monsoon season to start to get some relief. In the meantime…. What are you going to do this summer?

May I suggest exploring your state? Or visiting ours!

How about a county fair? Some of the more rural County Fairs have awesome rodeos and live-stock competitions. Oh, and the food! Man, oh man, go for the wide selection if nothing else!

How about watercraft? When’s the last time you tubed a local river (the Salt River in AZ is excellent for that) or paddled a canoe on one of the many small lakes around your state? Maybe rent a ski or pontoon boat on a large lake or go big by rafting the Grand Canyon.

Looking for cooler weather? We sure will be here in AZ! Hiking our many trails is sure popular. The Mogollon Rim country is a good day trip, and it’s only about an hour and a half north of Phoenix. Did someone say picnic? Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas has a large picnic area with tables in a nicely shaded wooded area and more hiking trails.

For Arizonans headed south, the town of Tombstone is very western and campy with its gunfight reenactments, and yes, you can visit Boot Hill! If something quieter suits your desires, head over to the Patagonia area. It is a lovely spot for birders as 100s of bird species migrate through this area yearly on their way south or north.
Like the AZ air up there? Mount Lemmon in Tucson at 9,171 feet or Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff at 12,633 feet might be your answer. Maybe a rental cabin is your ticket to paradise. Lots of choices around Show Low, Sedona, Strawberry, and Pine.

New to Arizona? Perhaps some of these activities might be the answer for you to start summer exploring!

How will you explore your state where you are this summer?