Welcome to 2021! I think we will all agree we are ready for a fresh start! Many of us had several challenges in 2020. Loss of income, family member sickness, and toilet paper shortages? Yikes! No one wants a repeat in 2021.

So, a fresh start! The big unanswered question is what are you going to do differently? What upgrades and changes to your daily routine will make an improvement? And those changes? Is it just for you or for the entire family?

Washing our hands and wearing a mask is no guarantee that you can avoid getting sick. If you don’t want those choices, then what? Living in a bubble is not an option. Many of us are working from home and using some sort of computer program that allows us to still meet with clients virtually while both parties of the conversation are safe.

Hmmm …working from home? One of the aspects of this pandemic is that it has taught us that there are alternatives for each of us and we can still be productive. An example is home delivery services are growing at a substantial rate never seen before in our economy. You can have just about anything delivered.

Groceries, medicine, furniture, it’s a whole new world that delivers. It’s not your parents’ US Postal service anymore just delivering the mail. While some jobs have disappeared, others have been created. Some of us will have to move out of our comfort zone and find one of these
new opportunities.

If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, and your family is safe, count your blessings. Many times, it’s all in your attitude.

Find a way to have a Happy New Year!