The Market is up… well, not really, but sort of… HUH? Don’t you get tired of the Blah, Blah, Blah, on television? I sure do! To tell the truth, I don’t watch much broadcast television. I can’t take it. Between the commercials selling drugs that are too expensive for many of my clients, to the lively discussions from the national news personalities, UGH! Don’t get me started on the FAKE phone calls that are nonstop. Wow, I’m ranting; guess I am human.

About the markets.

The past 12 months for nice folks that are not yet our clients, I’m sorry. The past 12 months was just a waste of a year. The S&P is back to where it was a year ago. That’s good news unless you rely on the market’s performance for your retirement income. (We always earn our clients a positive return.)
Pundits are saying all kinds of things. Markets going to go this way and that. I’m so happy our retirement income clients are not riding the “Wall Street Roller Coaster” anymore.

I did a little research on the enormous number of calls everyone is receiving. Many are scams, like the fake student loan or IRS calls. Most are actually calls made from a couple of companies that have made a business from an obscure law that requires phone companies to pay third parties to call every number in existence and get paid. This is an abuse of the law, but it’s actually on the books. Go figure.

The good news is we all have choices! Watch streaming services like Netflix for entertainment. Watch the BBC for news about our country. Watch Bloomberg about the financial markets. Use Good Rx and Canadian pharmacies to make sure you’re getting the lowest cost possible on your prescriptions. Find a high-quality, independent retirement income planner to assure your income is insulated from the volatile financial markets and then…


Have a nice day.