At times, a hundred dollars still sounds like a lot of money. Other times, not so much. If this is a conflicting moment it seems to me that this attitude would be based on your perspective of the value of money. When was the last time you spent a hundred dollars? Whether a hundred dollars sounds like a lot or not, makes you…. you!

My charming bride and I always laugh a bit when we go to Costco. We call it the hundred-dollar store as we never seem to get out of there for less than a hundred dollars at the register. Buy bulk! It will save you money! Yeah, and now we have a year’s supply of Kleenex? And as we buy bulk to save money, the next question to answer is where do you keep all this bulk? Contractors building new homes are adding what they call a bulk storage room (or a Costco/Sam’s room) to new houses because Americans seem to want to make sure they have a few months’ supply of whatever.
Hmmm……a hundred dollars……used to seem like a lot of money.

As a kid growing up in the deep south, I remember my brothers and I doing almost any chore or job we could find to earn money. Cutting a neighbor’s grass, raking leaves, cleaning out rain gutters, clearing a field, washing windows, collecting pop bottles (you could get two cents a bottle when you took them back to the store). We’d load up the trunk of our Mom’s Ford with a couple hundred bottles and wa-la! We’d make $5! That was a big deal back when a movie matinee was only 25 cents, and soda and popcorn was a dime.

And growing up in our house? What the heck was an allowance the other kids talked about? You want something? There’s the lawnmower, you just had to get off your fanny and make all the money you need. We truly spoil our kids these days.
What was the last time you spent what you consider a sizable amount of cash? Who were you with, what was it for? And so, is a hundred dollars still a lot of money? It’s in your perspective, and only yours. It makes you…you!