Retirement Planning


David P. Schaeffer is a veteran retirement advisor who has served thousands of former employees of American Airlines, Banner Healthcare, Boeing, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Pitney Bowes and the state of Arizona.  Here, he discusses the unique financial advantages his firm provides to clients nearing or entering retirement. American Retirement Advisors does what many of our contemporaries dismiss as trivial. We tackle tough concerns like health care and Medicare before we delve into clients’ finances.


“Our clients have no use for theories,
guesswork or past performance.
They need certainty and guarantees.”
– David P. Schaeffer


Our retirement income and savings practice focuses on matching clients’ needs to concrete, predictable solutions. Life has fixed expenses that increase annually with inflation. Clients rarely tell us they need less money than the prior year. Early in my career, I knew we had to find a surefire method when planning for income rather than speculating with clients’ lifelong savings. Utilizing a team planning approach creates multifaceted recommendations from all viewpoints of the financial services industry. We involve our Certified Financial Planners®, insurance planners and legacy planners for each unique retirement plan we create. Our aim is to reduce or eliminate volatility to deliver the stability and guarantees our clients can count on as long as they live. Providing financial certainty is our mission. Making health care and retirement planning “123 Easy” is what we do.