1. Bagel with Cream Cheese. Skip the high calorie and fatty cream cheese. Instead, use low-fat cottage cheese or natural nut butters like almond, peanut, and soy.

2. Supermarket Boxed Cereals. Fruit Loops, Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios; these store-bought cereals are meant to appeal to the sweet tooth and are jam-packed with sugar. Look for a cereal rich in whole grains (oats, barley, etc.). Use raw honey or real maple syrup as a healthy way to start your day.

3. Breakfast Smoothie. If you buy your smoothie at the local café, they are full of refined sugar. Most store-bought varieties contain full-fat milk, cream, or even ice cream. Blend a healthy version at home with Greek yogurt, unsweetened almond or skim milk, and fruit.

4. Donuts or Store-Bought Muffins. DUH!!!

5. Store-Bought Granola.Most contain up to 10 grams of fat and 400 calories per serving, which outweighs even a glazed donut. Yet it looks so healthy on the box…. honey, brown sugar, oats, dried fruits. Trust me, it isn’t.

6. Pancakes and Sausage or Breakfast Burritos. DUH!!!

7. Take-Away Sandwiches. Deceives you that this is a balanced breakfast…. egg, meat, cheese, and toast. Can be full of fat and you’ll be hungry in a few hours.

So… do your body good by choosing healthier options like fresh berries, whole grains, Greek yogurt, and nut butters to name a few.

Sources: Activebeat.com /Zenya.com /Healthychoice.com