AS we enter this new year of 2020, we need to take stock of what is important. Each and every person reading this article will have their own unique answer to that question and your answer makes you……. you!

Many of us immediately think of what’s important and think of family and friends. Your health and finances. Maybe it’s a certain possession that you own, and friends and neighbors covet it secretly?

Whatever your choice of what’s important to you, is that you’ve made it important.

I know, as the sole bread winner in our household, that my working and earning a living for a family that depends on me is one of the driving forces that keeps me going. No one in my sphere of inner circle ever thinks of me in poor health! Why, I’m practically the energizer bunny! You know the saying on the commercial “keeps going and going”.

There has rarely been a day missed at the office due to sickness or bad health, until…. recently.

After being in the hospital for 10 days and two weeks of daily follow up visits, I now know what everyone talks about when they’ve had a serious medical event. I for one disliked the entire experience! And hope to goodness I never have to have a repeat!

Now it’s not that the nurses were bad (they were great), or the hospital food was poor (it was good, not their fault that I didn’t have much of an appetite), or the fact that I had or didn’t have a great surgeon (all the doctors were wonderful). Bottom line was that I had never been in the hospital and didn’t like it one bit. I’ve never been faced with a total inability to get something done or accomplished through sheer determination. But there I was ……. stuck.

So, what was it for you? What was your important thing? Does that important thing change with time or has it always been the same? If I were a betting man, I would wager that what’s important for most people changes with age and wisdom.

Make sure some of the important things are taken care of in your life, with choosing Medicare plans, or ensuring your financial retirement plan is in place; are your affairs in order? Don’t let these important things be unresolved. Questions? We have answers, call us we can help!