There is a lot to be thinking about these days, and probably like me, inflation is what comes to mind first. Recently, I was in the store and noticed the price of 35 lbs. of chlorine. I usually don’t look too closely at the costs of my regular maintenance supplies, but this one really smacked me in the face. Last year, a few issues contributed to the chlorine supply shortage we experienced. Back then, I immediately went online and sourced a years’ worth of chlorine for my pool. Now needing chlorine again, it’s inflation’s turn for feeding wild pricing! You can’t have a green pool, ya know. So back to stockpiling, I go.

As a young lad, I was a cub scout, and as an adult, I was a boy scout leader. The motto, “BE PREPARED,” is not just a motto. It’s a life skill that promotes readiness to respond. As a kid growing up near the water and a member of the power squadron, a boat safety organization, we learned to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. As an adult, we unconsciously and consciously live this skill daily. We keep groceries in the pantry, manage our savings, and even chlorinate our pools for health safety. We vary in our levels of preparation, but it’s a valuable skill.

So, what can we do in our current scenario? Consciously prepare.

As costs go up and product availability is impacted, just buy a little more. If you buy one giant paper towel package every month, just get one more. I hear you already asking where to put all this stuff. Tackle a closet and donate that stuff you haven’t worn for the year to Goodwill. Folks will put it to good use, I promise.

As far as the pantry… are you a Costco canned organic diced tomato fanatic like my wife? Stock up, because you surely know many ways to use those delicious tomatoes. Speaking of veggies, I have gone the way of gluten-free eating (yep and lost 4 inches in my waist) over the past couple of months. Kudos to my wife, who is
eating and cooking super healthy, so I figured I would reduce my bread consumption too. Wow, what a difference. Good thing my suits are all held up with suspenders!

When on a journey, we will all experience many common things and see things differently. For me, right now, preparing just
We can help in all 50 states! makes good sense. We can make the best of things and do what we can for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

We ask our clients about their needs, dreams, and wishes when focusing on their retirement journey. We want them to feel confident and prepared financially. While facing our current economic situation, it just makes sense to extend some of our preparation practices. Someone once said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” I choose to soar. I feel lighter when I am prepared. If you need a little help, call our office. We can help make your retirement planning 123 Easy. That’s what
we do!