It wasn’t too long ago that our little company was featured in Inc. magazine as one of America’s fastest growing, privately held companies. We saw growth of over 7000%, then over 2200%, then over 700% before settling into our rut of over 40% year-over-year growth for the past three years.

As you may know, my son, Ian Schaeffer, took over the operations of our company a couple years back. He is an industrial engineer (IE) by education. In the old days, IEs ran factories; today they run companies. Think Tim Cook of Apple. In a few short years, Ian has stream-lined all our processes, aligned marketing, and automated nearly everything. This allows people to work with people. We answer the phones with real people, we get to meet nice folks face-to-face in person or via video conferencing; what a concept. People like to work with people.

If you know me and our teams, we are not folks that sit on our laurels. We are doers. We are folks that get stuff done. Nancy Monaco Ball runs our financial planning practice. Wow is all I have to say. She is the best of the best! Some folks tease us that she is my work wife because we can finish each other’s sentences.While true, my real wife, Thea Schaeffer, is in the office as well. Thea in a past life was an internationally acclaimed advertising designer. Today she runs our national marketing, advertising, and public relations. Oh, and she illustrates children’s books on the side. Check out “MyMagic Hat Rules” at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

My point. We are launching yet another venture. Ian and his right hand, Diego Lundstrom(our financial operations manager), have launched another brand-new company. TheMedicare Architects™ (TMA).Without spilling too many beans, in simple terms, a void in the market was found and they provide the teams, tools, and technology to fill it. Let me expound. American Retirement Advisors, via our community outreach (123EasyMedicare), touches thousands of people every month. It’s hard to imagine we have more market share than some insurance companies in the areas we serve. But we can’t help everyone with our current model. Just about 300,000 people a month begin theirMedicare journey nationwide. However, theMedicare Architects™ technology can scale to serve over 5,000 people simultaneously. That’s 50% of Americans turning 65 every day! The engineers, designers, and developers at TMAtook the processes fromthe most successfulMedicare Advisors (you know who!) in the United States and transformed the knowledge and experiences into a digital platform.

The software is revolutionary because it is not sponsored by any insurance company and not endorsed by any political lobbyist groups. As it learns and evolves, it will become a pureMedicare fiduciary; it will have no bias, it will provide fact-verified answers, it won’t get tired or grouchy like humans. It will only be able to act in its client’s best interest. It’s a lofty goal, but worth striving toward.
TheMedicare Architects™technology will serve employers and their employees at first, as it gets on a solid footing serving their needs. It will continue to grow and develop.

I’m very proud to see our legacy of service with integrity sprouting wings throughout our great nation, before our very eyes.

Does your employer need help with Medicare? Call The Medicare Architects @ 800-568-1095