Roberto and his wife, Maria, came to meet with us about Medicare. Roberto was going to turn 65 in six months and retire. He wanted to review all his Medicare options. After performing research on his doctors and prescription drugs across all available plans and networks, he narrowed his decision down to two options. We supplied him with the detailed research and outline of coverage on both options that he liked.

He had plenty of time to think about a final plan selection, but…. that wasn’t the issue.Maria was a year younger and on his employer health plan with him and they wanted to know what options she had for medical coverage. Since Roberto was retiring, they would both lose his employer coverage and that would leave Maria without a health plan.


1)Roberto could continue to work and keep his employer coveragefor both until Maria turned 65 and is eligible for Medicare plans,then retire.

2)They could search for an Affordable Health Care Act plan.

3)They could research the several “Faith-Based” health plans offeredin their market.

4)They could visit

Individual health plans for folks under age 65 vary wildly from county to county. Researching these options months ahead of losing your employer health plan will assist you in making a “fact-based” decision. This will just take some research to select the most appropriate answer for your situation.

Not sure what to do? Just call us, and we will have a certified specialist to help you find the most appropriate individual health plan for you!!!