Wow! How many different ways have we had it tough this past year? All the things we ran short of, all things we could not do, the family we could not see,
working under different circumstances, or not working at all. How tough you were at handling all of this during this past year makes you…. you!

As kids growing up, we all have memories of when something was difficult. Tryouts for sports, making 1st chair in the high school band, and did you make it through cheerleading tryouts? For others, it was doing chores or working part-time during your youth to help with the family business or farm. Or maybe your parents worked hard at their jobs to put a roof over your head but there was never enough money left over for any extra goodies? So, you worked bagging groceries, babysitting, cutting grass, you know…. something that made you some spending cash.

Some had it tougher than others. I know my brothers and I always had something extra going to make money. Growing up with a single parent made us thankful that there was a roof over our heads and food on the table. If we wanted a bicycle or money for summer camp, etc., you’d better get off your butt and make the money to get whatever it was. Other kids always seemed to have it easy with new clothes for school, or the latest toy or gadget, but we never felt deprived because we knew if we really wanted something, we could earn the money to get it.

As kids, we could talk to our Mom about anything. Kids having it “tough” these days is a totally different thing than what we considered tough when we were growing up. Can’t attend school, can’t interact with other classmates, have to social distance, and sports contests, concerts, plays, and other activities canceled. The group events we enjoyed as kids are practically nonexistent these days. It gives a whole new meaning to the word “tough”.

The old adage “when things get tough the tough get going” really comes home these days. So, however, you are handling your daily life makes you….you.

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