As we hustle and bustle through our lives it seems time just passes quickly, and, before we know it another year has gone by. How we fill our time with our schedules in our daily lives is what makes you…. you!

I’m a pretty typical professional who takes caring for my clients seriously, and I like to say “Yes, I can help”. Assisting thousands of folks every year with their decisions on what Medicare plan to take, when to turn on their Social Security monthly check to get the most benefit, and building their financial plans for retirement makes me a busy person.

Many weeks the advisors in our practice put in 60-70 hours a week with appointments and teaching workshops to help folks. While this schedule can be a bit hectic, it sometimes feels our schedule is running our lives instead of us running our schedule. Does this sound like you? Is your life running you, or are you running your life?

Are the kids or grandkids a major part of your schedule? Babysitting? Shopping? Doctor appointments? What is filling your time while in retirement? Not enough time? Start saying “no” occasionally to make time for you. Too much time? Start filling it by volunteering at local libraries, parks, and other public or religious organizational services. At some point in your life you enjoyed something, so what was it? Playing or singing music? Toy Trains? Cooking? Camping? Horseback rides? Working on cars? Art? Theater? Travel? Rediscover your passion, and it will help you rediscover you!

Point is, the life that you have is the only life you get. What you are doing with it either makes you unhappy or happy. And there’s only one person who can do something about it. YOU!  So, get busy!

Take time to do some thinking about what makes you happy then pursue it! Make you, you again!

While you’re thinking, put your mind at ease and make sure you have all the answers to your Medicare questions, social security questions, and financial retirement questions. It’s all under one roof, call us… we can help!