As we go through our daily lives, we occasionally get an unexpected curve ball tossed at us from nowhere. Sometimes it’s a blessing, like extra money we didn’t expect, a gift, a winning lottery ticket, or an unexpected phone call or visit from a loved one. Other times, it might be something not so pleasant; an unexpected expense like a repair on your car or home, a broken tooth, or something even worse, like the unexpected loss of a loved one. Whenever these things happen, they impact us, but how you react makes you…. you.

There are days when these unpleasant, unexpected events gang up on you all at one time making your life miserable. I had one of those weeks where nothing was going right. It started out innocently enough with a canceled dental appointment. Then a waterline broke, flooded upstairs, and, of course, it happened while we were sleeping and didn’t hear anything. Water goes downhill into the garage ceiling and the ceiling gets waterlogged. Of course, the ceiling, now heavy with water, falls on top of the car, damaging the car. And the Cherry on top, the A/C unit stops working.

And it got worse……

Our fur baby dog gets sick and goes to the vet. The worse news ever, cancer, and has only days to live. Great dog and certainly part of the family as anyone who has a pet understands. I had just made a comment the month before in the Newsletter about the one thing I can always count on is the happy feeling of my dog being excited to see me every day when I get home from the office. Well…not anymore.

With everything going on in the world right now, with all the negativity, and now a string of the unexpected? Anyone starting to feel like Job? A just and upright man who misfortune befalls him.

Well, call me a Pollyanna, but no matter what happens I get up every morning with the expectation that I’ll help as many people as possible, and sometimes those people include helping me. You think you got problems? There are folks out there who have real problems far worse than any of these things that happened to me this past week. As I endeavor to get through these trials and tribulations, I know that hope, patience, and perseverance will prevail. We will get through this. How you react and deal with everything going on makes you…. you.

David S. Edge

V.P. of “Happy” Healthcare & Retirement Planning Professional Utilizing fact-based decision making to protect your retirement lifestyle!

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