Corona virus, democratic caucuses, Russian election meddling for Trump and Sanders and the economy.

Did I miss anything? Nope. Good. Next subject.

So how’s your life these days? Are you keeping up with your new year’s resolutions? Are you eating well, getting in a little
exercise every day? Did you change the air filter in the air conditioner? Did you get to that project that has been just been sitting around? How’s your closet? Did you get that stuff over to Goodwill?

The news is the news. The President is gonna do what he does. The opposing party will do what they do. So what’s new?

A lot!

It’s been years since we have seen the economy generating so many jobs. The millennials are actually joining the workforce. Gen X, Y and Z too. Even folks that have retired are joining in and getting back to work.

Illegal immigration has nearly ground to a halt. Good bad or indifferent, the burden on taxpayers is lessened. I wish everyone an opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There has to be a way for folks wanting a better life to enter our country legally. At this time, the legal entry process is not a realist option for people looking to come to America. That is the reality. That needs to be fixed! All of us are children of immigrants. Our families got here somehow. That’s how our country grew and prospered. By the way we need more folks to fill skilled jobs!

Changing subjects.

In Nevada, commercial rents are through the roof. Even higher than in Scottsdale. (Yes, we are looking for more space in Las Vegas.) To hire new folks seems to be really difficult. The labor market has shifted completely to the side of the employees. Labor costs are moving up dramatically. Which means more money in the hands of working folks and a tougher time filling positions.

Here is what I know. If folks have a job, then they can get by in America. If folks have a decent job earning a good living, life can be good and they can support their family. If folks want to, they can generate thoughts and ideas that solve problems and create opportunities for others. Life can be great.

It’s a choice!