As we come to this time of year, we have certainly had our fair share of troubling times and tribulations these past several months. But it’s also a time to be thankful for what is good and great in our lives.

Is your family in good health? Do you have running water and flushing toilets? Have clothes to wear with shoes on your feet. Are you eating regularly and maybe even gained a little bit of weight? Were there birthday parties or family get-togethers where you could actually see and touch loved ones? Be thankful!

While you may be OK, are there friends or neighbors who might need a helping hand this time of year? Maybe it’s an elderly person who would just love a simple visit from you to brighten their day? Many of these folks just want something for free….your time. They want to interact and be with someone who puts a smile or a spark in their lives.

At this time of year, be generous with your time to someone who would love a visit. Americans have long been known for their generosity. So, let’s all work together to keep that positive attitude going!


Wishing you and yours a truly Happy Thanksgiving! Now…pass the gravy!