It’s February, and anyone with a pulse can’t miss all the Valentine advertising going on in retail stores. Sweetheart deals abound at flower shops, dinner dates at restaurants offering 2-for-1 romantic dinners, and don’t forget a card! Cupid is in full overtime!

Remember when we were in grammar school in the 50s and 60s and everyone brought valentines cards to classmates and the Teacher? They all had “will you be mine” and the “do you like me, check yes or no”? Little heart candies in pink boxes? Each one with a few words of love and endearment stamped on the face. A girlfriend that was special might even receive a big, heart-shaped box with individually wrapped chocolates inside that was a mystery? You picked one and hoped for the best that it would be something that you liked, or at least it would be edible? I liked the chocolate covered nuts the best. The other goofy ones that had thick, jellylike, substances and all kinds of funky flavors that were chewy didn’t appeal to me at all.

School rooms were decorated with Cupids and all shapes and sizes of hearts. We trimmed the self-cut-out hearts in lacy white and wrote endearments on the front. Lots of red-, pink-, and white-colored crepe paper and stuff everywhere.

Can you remember that special girl or boy from all those years ago? Your first real experience with romance? Is it a fond memory, or did you get your heart broken? The experiences in grammar school were definitely puppy love, but, as we progressed into High School, the relationships took on a more serious tone and some of these relationships resulted in marriage after graduation. Back in those times, it was not unusual for a couple to get married right out of high school, get jobs, and start a family. These days it is much rarer, and many youths can only think about going to college or university before they even think about getting married.

For those of us who are true romantics? Reach out to your main squeeze, get a hug and a kiss, and let them know that after all these years they’re still the one! Me? I still like love and marriage and am happy to still have my one and only for these past 37 years (and counting)!