I hope as you read this, that you and your families are well. As we all are aware, this virus, and our isolation, is “unprecedented” in our American history. We are all “lonely or depressed” at some level. Especially if we are living alone. We all are needing that physical touch, handshake, or hug. Now that we cannot physically touch, it is our voices that are “rays of sunshine” and medicine to others. Let them be kind. Let them be sincere.

I have lived in the same house, in the same neighborhood since 1996. I have seen neighbors move in and move out. However, I can now say I know the names of all the children and their dogs in my area. I’m an early riser (about 5:30 a.m.). I take my patio chair to the front yard of my house and drink my coffee. It is wonderful how many people wave, say hello, or just stop and chat (keeping social distances). This has not happened before. Maybe we all see how truly valuable it is to even say a simple “hello” and smile. It seems everyone “cares” and takes time to “care and socialize” like never before. Kind of reminds you of “front porches” back in the 50s and 60s. There was an “art” to our conversations as we visited across those porches. Neighbors stop and ask if I have enough TP or need anything. Amazing!!!

I can only clean out my closets, drawers, and alphabetize my spices so many times. I’m on my 2nd go around in case I’ve missed some junk to throw out. I have washed my car four times now, even though it’s always been in my garage. I am trying my best to stay safe, not only for myself but for everyone else out there. I do wear my mask and gloves when out in public, like going to the grocery store. My mom would be happy about the “gloves” thing, as every-one wore them to church or whenever we would go out. Anyone remember? I sanitize and wash my hands frequently and I don’t touch my face when out in public. It does seem like my face starts itching no matter what. I find I am riding my bicycle and going for more walks, which I believe we all are doing. I’ve rediscovered star-studded night skies and soft evening breezes.

But seriously, we all have many friends and family we are including in our daily prayers as well as doctors, nurses, first responders. We at American Retirement Advisors sincerely hope you and your loved ones are well. This is a storm we all are facing. We can only get through it, together! Be safe, be well! Until the “next” time, remember “this” time.

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