Staying with a doctor you’re not happy with can be as harmful as staying in a bad relationship. Why do we stay? Because it’s easier than making a change. Everyone hates change!

*You and your doctor don’t see eye to eye on things.If you value a warm bedside manner, a doctor who spouts commands may not be the best fit for you. Some people want a doctor that is empathetic, or may want their doctor to provide more options for their treatment.

*Your physician doesn’t respect your time. Do you wait routinely an hour or more only to feel your doctor is speed-doctoring through your visit? Or worse, they don’t even look you in the eye?

*A doctor should be open and thorough about whycertain treatments are recommended. They should explain why they are opting for that treatment. It’s also important they use terms you understand rather than medical jargon.
*Doctors need to know intimate details you may notshare even with your family. If you are unable to talk about those details, your doctor may not be the best match.

*Your insurance company no longer contracts withyour current doctor. This can actually be as much a reason to change insurance companies as well as doctors.

On the other hand, if you are considering making a change, don’t take the decision lightly. Before ending a relationship with a doctor, make sure you request copies of your records so you can take them to your new doctor. The new doctor may request them, but you can’t be sure that will happen in a timely manner. According to HIPAA regulations, you have the right to request your medical records.


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