Rolling into the Christmas season, we’re already on the verge of too many Christmas songs on the radio. Especially since they have been playing since Halloween. Many people, like my family, never tire of the holiday songs and the warm fuzzy feeling they bring.

Approaching this time of year, we can choose to be a Santa or a Grinch. But you won’t find any Bah Humbuggers in my sphere of friends or business associates because… you attract what you project!

Does rainfall in all our lives occasionally? You bet! Does it rain every day? Nope!

I find that by following a few simple rules, I enjoy life a bit more. What are those rules? I’m glad you asked!

-Avoid the news! We are bombarded with negativity in the media. Avoid news for one week and see how your attitude improves!

-Celebrate your successes! Even small ones. Pat yourself on the back because sometimes you are your best friend. And let’s face it. Not everyone knows your struggles, so when you score a win…celebrate it!

-Find the good in others. This one is hard for me, especially driving to and from work every day and getting cut off in traffic. My first instinct is to think negatively about the bad driver, but what if they are responding to an emergency, I don’t know about?

The point is, only you can decide to be a Santa or a Grinch during these holidays. Choose wisely!

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!