We’ve all seen plenty of TV shows talking about unique herbs and exotic concoctions to help your immune system. While there is no magic ‘pill,’ a stronger immune system isn’t important just for the current pandemic; it helps fight diseases as well as the common cold or flu. Start with a visit to your doctor. You may also want to check your Vitamin D levels. A supplement may be ordered by your doctor if levels are low.

Here are 5 steps you can take:

1. Eat more orange foods like sweet potatoes and carrots. The Beta Carotene is converted into Vitamin A, which protects against infections.
2. Quit Smoking. Weakened lungs is a Covid 19 risk factor.
3. Cut back on alcohol. While currently there is no link to Covid 19, abuse of alcohol can cause lung damage, which, again, is a risk factor.
4. Get more sleep. Our T-cells do a better job of fighting ‘invaders’ when you’re well-rested.
5. Stay up to date with vaccines. As of yet, there is no ‘proven’ Covid vaccine or treatment, but other vaccines can help. For people over 50, the Centers for Disease Control recommends getting vaccines to prevent pneumonia, shingles, and seasonal flu.

You may want to visit your doctor to discuss building your immune system as well as current vaccines. Please stay safe and be well.
Source: Medical News Today / Web MD / MDVIP

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