This past year has been fraught with potential danger health-wise, lack of inter- action with family due to social distancing, and 2020 has also affected many financially. We were also bombarded with political and Medicare ads on TV and radio, not to mention the deluge of phone calls. Lots of negative vibes out there. How you are feeling about all of this makes you…. you!

In an effort to cheer up my charming bride, we pulled out old family videos, picture books (yes…we still have several boxes with thousands of hard copies of photos), and travel logs to relive some of our favorite memories over the past 40 years of marriage. What an uplifting positive experience!! It was fun to remember events and places we had both forgotten about!

Reliving watching our daughter grow up through the eyes of the photographer (Dad, most of the time), we relived many special moments. Funny pictures of pets doing something silly, costumes over the years for one event or another, holidays, weddings, and family gatherings. Remembering those we’ve lost and those we’ve gained.

We sometimes find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by all the negative going on around us and if this is you…. take a break. Turn off the TV, radio, and don’t read the daily newspaper, which never prints the news anymore.

So, if you haven’t already, do something positive that will bring some happiness to your daily routine. Read a good book, watch an old favorite movie. Call that favorite childhood friend that you wondered what happens to them? Check on that elderly neighbor to make sure they are OK. I assure you, it will make their day.

As we move into this most festive of holiday seasons do something positive! What we’ve come to realize…. is the only person who can change things for you, is you!

Merry Christmas!