Hello all, last year was a lesson in real-world economics. What happens when an unstoppable force of huge, unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus strikes the immovable object of supply shortages? Inflation!

When rising inflation started taking a bite out of everyone’s budget earlier in the year, many predicted the demise of tech stocks. In some cases, we’ve seen technology stocks underperform relative to the market, such as the formerly high flying but not yet profitable names contained in some funds. But in many other cases, we’ve seen tech stocks soar.

We are trying to take advantage of uptrends in the market when it is safe to do so. Our custom-designed model portfolios are ever-changing. Our investment team runs thousands of algorithms daily to determine the best possible mix of investment choices. Yes, our investment team. Your plan starts with your advisor, then our plan designer, processors, and portfolio manager. The portfolio manager meets weekly with our advisory team and a built-in compliance officer to maintain the fiduciary standards. Our process goes like this:

Financial meeting one: You meet with your advisor to discuss your wants, goals, dreams, and ambitions. Then take a few minutes reviewing your assets and what you’ve been investing into this point. Your advisor will then hand the information off to one of our team members to build your plan to the specifications that meets your goals. They will then generate a binder containing all the recommendations in an easy-to-understand format.

Financial meeting two: You will be presented with your plan in this meeting. You may also meet your portfolio manager. We will go over your recommendations in detail. Once you feel comfortable with our suggestions, we will give you your binder to take home.

Financial meeting three: Now, after digesting the binder for a week or so, you can bring back any questions you didn’t consider at our last meeting. By the end of this meeting, you can tell us how confident you feel about moving forward with some, all, or none of what we’ve presented. No worries if you choose not to move forward with any of what we’ve presented. You will not be charged for any of our meetings or the building of your plan. The plan is yours to keep. If you choose to move forward with some or all of the plan, then we will schedule meeting number 4.