Got your trick or treat candy ready? I mean, whether you are going to eat it yourself or hand it out to kids? (Ha!) It’s that time of year again for fall festivals, Oktoberfest, and Halloween!

Here in Arizona we have plenty of haunted hotels, houses, and other spooky places that really are haunted, or at least some folks claim they are. While I’ve never had a personal experience with a ghost or any other paranormal experience, I, for one, can’t say with 100% clarity that I don’t know if they exist or not!

My daughter is a fun-loving Halloween person and loves all the activities that go with Halloween. Costume parties, haunted house tours, and the ultimate experience — Disneyland’s Halloween days, where they decorate the entire park for Halloween! We have been on several haunted tours all over the U.S.A. and I can tell you that there are some downright scary stories out there. We had a particularly good tour in Key West and another one in New Orleans that not only visited real haunted houses in the French Quarter, but also the graves of the famous Voodoo Queens and Kings in the graveyards in the old quarter. It did give me the chills, especially with a good storyteller directing the tour! Of course, these tours are given at night to enhance your experience! It’s great fun!

So, pull on a sweater, and head out to one of these cool October nights and enjoy one of the local Halloween haunted houses, maybe a corn-field maze, and get some hot apple cinnamon cider!