Helen was exhausted when she came to her appointment with us; as soon as she sat down, we got her a cup of coffee so she could decom- press from her workday. She had one of those days with her job and was totally stressed out. As soon as she had taken a sip and started to relax, we asked the same question we ask at the beginning of every appointment. “How can we help”?

She knew exactly what she wanted and didn’t hesitate for one second. “I’m tired and I want to know do I have enough to retire”?

At age 66 she knew she needed her Medicare to replace her current employer health plan. We can help with that.
She also wanted to know the most appropriate strategy for turning on her Social Security benefits. We can help with that.

Third, what can her savings make her as income without using the principal, and is there a way to reduce potential market losses with her retirement nest egg? We can help with that.

As we continued the meeting, we started to describe our process and how we will reveal to her all our research to show exactly how her plan will provide for her financial expectations for the next 20 years into her retirement.
After reviewing the process, Helen had one thing to say. “Now Please!”

After completing the planning process, she was thrilled to give her two weeks’ notice and start planning her retirement life, which included spending more time with the grandkids, some much-needed travel, and hobby projects. While finishing up her meeting she could not contain her excitement and called her best friend on her cell phone with the great news! I’m free!

So, are you a slave to your job and want to know if you can retire? Don’t wait to find out! Let’s do some fact-based decision making with actual definitive information, so you can make a real plan and map out your retirement years!