When you lose a friend, the loss leaves a hole in your life. Of course, you know they’re gone, but memories bring the loss back at some of the most unexpected times. How you feel and act at these moments makes you. you!

When that friend you miss was the furry four-legged kind, it takes a while to get over that cuddly loss. And you might start wishing for that furry companionship again. The next thing you know, the hunt is on!

Our family has made it a habit to adopt shelter animals. We genuinely enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling of saving pets from shelters and bringing them into our family.

Adaptation and routines are inevitable for you and your adopted pet. What was their prior life like? What will they eat? Do they get along with other pets and people? Are they leash trained? And, of course, potty training! New routines can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Gaining each other’s trust can sometimes be time-consuming but all rewarding.

As you might have guessed, cute Daisy Mae just joined our family, and we are patiently adapting to each other. Do you recall when you added a new pet to your family? Who was there, and where did it happen? Because whatever it was, it makes you….you!