Ahhhh, the wonderful time of year! Christmas! Were we good little boys and girls this year? So, what’s on your list wish?

We could pretend we are in a pageant and wish for “world peace” but that’s just a tad cliché……

What we would like to see is peace and harmony out of our media and just possibly they could start reporting something positive?

I don’t know about you but I’m watching less and less of the alphabet channels and stopped reading most of the newspaper over this past year, as the only
thing in the paper is something hateful or negative about one thing or another. Or there is the other tack they’ve taken to over the past few years of hunting out all the “poor me” stories. I want happy, uplifting news! I want a Holly Jolly good time Santa experience! So, don’t wait for one to come to you, you make your own! Be
that Secret Santa to someone who really needs it. When is the last time you went caroling to a shut-in? Trust me! We have loads of shut-in folks this year that would love a warm fuzzy. Deliver a bag of fruit, a fresh cake, or a pie.

Be Festive!

Can’t sing or carry a tune in a bucket?
Yes, you can! Play that fun song on your phone or iPad as you make a delivery! Wear bright holiday colors with a silly hat! In other words
……be fun! 

In this season of hope, there’s hope for all of us to have a better 2021!      Merry Christmas!