Ahhh, …the month of May. Finally, most of the USA can breathe a sigh of relief as Summer can really begin with the warmer weather. While some are still dealing with the lingering piles of leftover snow, some parts of the country are already in full swing of the summer heat. In Arizona, we have already had our first set of 100-degree days, and the snowbirds have flocked elsewhere to more temperature-favored abodes.

I am amazed how many of our clients have summer rituals of going back to family farms for the summer: Idaho, Iowa, the mid-west states. Of course, we have our fair share of folks going back to Chicago, New Jersey, Minnesnowda (yeah, I misspelled it on purpose), along with other cold-weather extreme states. Not many snow-birds go back to states south of the Mason Dixon line. While those folks must deal with the summer humidity, they don’t deal with 120- degree heat days like Arizona and some Nevada parts.

We also have clients that go to the Rocky Mountains or ranches in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. Nothing like wide-open spaces. Lots of excellent fly fishing, camp- ing, horseback riding, and hiking in those states. Of course, tens of thousands of Americans visit our National Parks during the summer and see the spectacular natural rock formations and waterfalls

A few lucky ones even get to raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for a week or so. Such a spectacular trip and well worth the effort if you get the chance.

So, whatever your Month of May brings you or takes you to, for that matter, I’m sure we are all looking forward to beginning some summer fun! So…. where are you off to? Beach, pool, camping? I can already smell the BBQ!!!!