Stan was the victim of a break-in at his home, and, unfortunately, the thief took his wallet that he had left on the dresser. After calling the police and filing a report he now had to take stock of what was missing. “Oh, no”! He exclaimed as he realized his wallet was missing. Now he had the ordeal of replacing his driver’s license, credit cards, Social Security, and Medicare cards.

Calling his credit card companies was an easy fix to cancel existing cards and have them mail out new replacement cards. Getting a new driver’s license was going to be a hassle due to reduced hours at his local DMV office. But he had no idea on how to replace his Social Security and Medicare Cards.

His wife reminded him to call American Retirement Advisors and that we will have the answer.

Our Client Care team answered the phone with the usual opening line, “how can we help”?

Stan filled us in on what happened, and we proceeded to outline his options.

1) You can call Social Security at 800-772-1213 and request replacement cards. The only hassle is the long hold times that sometimes keep you on hold for 1-2 hours before you actually speak to a human.

2) You can also go online and visit After selecting the log in option, enter your name and password and the system will ask to send you a verification code. They will call or text the code to whichever phone number is on your file. After you enter the code, the next page will offer services.

3) Select “Replacement Documents.” Here you can ask for a Social Security Card replacement, or a Medicare Card replacement. Keep in mind that it can take up to 90 days to receive your new cards. You can print a new Medicare card from the website.

Stan was grateful for the quick and direct answers to his dilemma and could not believe how easy it was. “If only replacing my driver’s license was this easy”! he exclaimed.

So, when you have questions about Social Security, Medicare, or Retirement Financial planning…. call us, we can help!