Remember all those lists of things you wanted to do, but you never had the time? I seem to have a lot of those. We have a closet that has not seen light for over 5 years. The door has not been opened, mostly because of all the stuff piled up in front of the door. I seem to recall it was filled with old Disney VHS movies, family pictures, and the kids’ (now grown and out of the house) video game things. Big game things, video drum sets, car racing wheels, and something they used to jump on.

Since we can’t seem to travel anywhere far away without major hassles and concerns for our health, that closet is going to get what it deserves. A complete renovation. Yup… that’s my Fourth of July vacation.

What else… I cannot watch television, I tried it. But the narratives are UNBELIEVABLE! It makes me mad, scared, and plain uncomfortable. Call me old-fashioned. If there is a threat to my friends and family or clients, do not worry, I’ll handle it.

But wait, I can’t see this threat. The virus is a terrible thing. It is quite scary. It seems to be most dangerous to those we serve, folks over age 65. Folks that seem to be better able to handle the effects of the virus are those that are lucky enough to be healthy. Folks that are not on medications to maintain blood pressure or pulmonary conditions. I’m back to my pre-virus workouts, even though MIT posted a list of places that are safer than others to visit.

Do you have a list? Have you been putting off things you know you need to do, but were either afraid to take care of them or they just keep getting buried? How is your medical directive? How is your Will? How is your Trust? These are simple things you can do yourself, online! Are you taking your vitamins? Most Medicare Advantage plans provide a catalog for free vitamins! Are you getting in your daily exercise? Most Medicare Advantage plans and many Medicare supplements offer FREE AT-HOME exercise programs, since going to the gym may not make sense these days.

Tomorrow is another day! Make the best of what we have. Put a smile on someone’s face. Make a difference in someone’s life. Take care and stay safe!