This month is going to be a highbred article. Why, because an important financial planning tool involves protecting yourself from the staggeringly high cost of long-term care. Long-Term Care  (LTCi) insurance is an important financial planning tool and can protect your nest egg.

I’ve been assisting clients with this type of coverage for over 30 years. Over that time period, I’ve seen many new and improved variations of coverage. The thing that folks tell me when I first bring it up is that they have already looked at it and found it to be too expensive. Well, if you spoke to an agent who doesn’t know how to properly design a custom plan to the client’s needs, then, yes, it can be too expensive. Also, most agents just represent one company. You should always work with an advisor who is contracted with most, if not all, companies that offer LTCi coverage.

If you’re of a mindset that you just don’t want to pay a monthly premium for yet another insurance policy, not to worry. Several companies have designed unique solutions that can mitigate the risk of long-term care without paying a monthly premium. There are single premium policies that give you access to cash, death benefit and additional benefits for Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility and Home Health Care. Some products that fit into financial portfolios can also increase retirement income to accommodate a stint in a long-term care facility or Home Care. It’s okay to be creative, you just need to work with advisors that know how.

So, to sum up, ignoring long-term care costs could be catastrophic to your nest egg, spouse, and family. Yet, nearly 70% of those in their mid-60s are going to need some kind of long-term care. And the average cost can exceed $89,000 per year. Who’s going to pay? Medicare? 46% of baby boomers surveyed said, yes, Medicare will pay. Nope, not a nickel.

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