Some long-awaited Monsoon rain brought an explosion of green in our local Sonoran Desert. While hiking some of those trails, I noticed that the plants that had been brown for many months are now happily green! But as we move into fall in the desert, it’s still hot!

Of course, new greenery creates food for critters. After these seasonal rains, and with plenty of food, there’s usually a bumper crop of critters having babies. It’s beautiful to see Mother Nature at work! An early morning hike will allow you to catch a glimpse of all that the desert has to offer.

As we talk to folks all over the country about their Retirement needs, the weather always comes up. Some parts of the country are already seeing their first snow of the fall, while others are taking in picnics to see the beautiful fall color of the leaves. But, of course, September in Arizona still means managing 90–100- degree heat in the swimming pool.

So, what signals fall where you live? Is it when college football season begins with tailgate parties? Or getting that last crop of vegetables harvested before the cold  weather hits. Maybe it’s raking leaves in the yard. Whatever your fall signal is, it is a signal of change… and perhaps of the holidays to come in quick succession- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, and the weather that accompanies each.

Wherever you are, enjoy embracing the signals of a fair fall arrival