We recently met with Donna to review her needs and enroll in Medicare. At the end of the meeting, she expressed her confidence in what she wanted to do as far as her health plan choices. However, she had one piece of homework to enroll in Medicare P arts A&B on her own.

We provided Donna with the link to enroll electronically and the 800 772 1213 phone number to Social Security to enroll over the phone. She thought she was all set. A week later, she called our office panicked. “This is Brady . I can help one of our client care team members answered.

“Oh, Brady!” Donna exclaimed, “I think I’ve really messed up trying to enroll in Medicare. The link took me to Social Security and not Medicare!

Brady calmly explained that she had not “messed up”! The process to enroll in Medicare begins through Social Security so she was in the right place. Brady remained on the phone with her to assist her step by step, screen by screen, to ensure she was completely comfortable completing her enrollment. “Thank you! You made this so easy!” She exclaimed.

“Making things 1, 2, 3, Easy is what we do!” replied Brady. “I am always happy to help!” It’s comforting for clients to work with a firm that has a client care team that is readily accessible to provide personalized care and create calm when client’s need it!